Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cardboard Tube Recycle Ornament

for each ornament you will need:
One paper towel cardboard tube
Craft Paint
Hole Punch
Ruler and pencil
3 Pipe Cleaners (Chenille Stems)
Paint the cardboard tubes with the craft paint and allow to dry.
Flatten the cardboard tube.
Mark and cut it into 3/4 inch wide rings.
I cut and used 12 rings.
On each flattened ring, mark dots 3/4 inches in from each folded edge.
With the hole punch, make holes where you marked the dots.
Start with the inner circle, string the rings onto a pipe cleaner.
Twist the ends together and trim the excess pipe cleaner.
For the outer circle, twist two pipe cleaners together to make a longer piece.
Then thread it through the outer holes in the cardboard rings.
Twist the ends together and trim the excess.
Instead using string or ribbon to hang, I used the left over pieces of pipe cleaner.
I twisted the ends together and then looped under the outer pipe cleaner to make
a hanger and twisted those ends.
If you really wanted to you could paint the inside of the cardboard tube strips.
I personally like the contrast of the bare cardboard.

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  1. (Sorry if this is a duplicate comment. Blogger hates me today!)
    These are so pretty! They remind me of a wall art project I found on Pinterest that used toilet paper rolls to make flowers. And I agree with you, I like the cardboard color inside.