Friday, December 9, 2011

CD Santa Craft

Here is another craft project to recycle those CD's that arrived as advertising in the mail.
It also uses one of those advertising magnets that seem to show up too.
I free handed a wreath, the "berries" on the wreath, and Santa out of craft foam sheets.
Note that I hole punched a mouth for Santa and poked one of the "berries" in his mouth.
I used a black sharpie to make Santa's eyes.
First I glued down the pink part for his face and then the red part of he hat.
Next I glued all the white pieces on top of the pink and red pieces.
I know it is not a perfect Santa, but Granny's Love aka my Grandson thought it was awesome.
After all the glue on the front pieces were dry I glued a magnet on the back.
If you did not want to make a CD Santa Wreath magnet....
You could make a tree ornament.
Hold a nail with a pair of needle nose pliers and heat the nail and poke a hole in the top of the CD. Decorate the front of the CD with the Santa Wreath. Decorate the back of the CD with a solid piece of craft foam and then glue 2011 on top of that piece. Then put a ribbon through the hole in the CD and you are ready to hang it from the tree.

If you wanted to do this type of craft at school or in a Sunday school group you could buy a package of CD's and they already have two shiny sides to decorate. You could use stickers instead of craft foam sheets that have to be cut out.

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