Friday, December 2, 2011

Yogurt Lid Ornaments

Yogurt Lid Christmas Tree Ornaments
12 Yogurt Lids
Elmer's Glue
(you could use hot glue)
Sparkle Curly Ribbon
Wrapping Paper
Craft Foam
12 Paper Clips
Use the yogurt lid to make a circle around the pattern on the wrapping paper you plan to glue to the back of the yogurt lid. You could use scrapbook paper. Cut out the pattern. Mine was Santa.
Glue the Santa on the back of the lid to cover the brand name logo.
Glue the sparkle curly ribbon around the outside of the lid.
I put down a piece of Glad wrap to keep the glue off the table.
Cut out craft foam shapes and glue inside of lids.
Glue beads inside of lids.
I did some beads and sequins.
The craft foam shapes I just made up and free handed as I went.
I also used a gold paint pen to write on some of them.
This is where you do what ever type of ornament design you desire.
Next straighten out the small end of a paper clip.
 Poke it through the top of the ornament.
Or you can use a regular ornament hanger.
I love to recycle things. I made these ornaments with items I already had in my craft supplies.
I am also a big fan of homemade tree ornaments, mixed with store bought ones.

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