Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chenille Stem Pumpkin Craft

Chenille Stem Pumpkin Craft Magnet
Granny's Love aka my Grandson loves refrigerator magnets. I was thinking he needed a magnet for the month of October, so I wanted to make something quick and easy.

2 orange chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
hook together at the end to make one long stem
Pieces of a black chenille stem for the eyes, mouth, and stem
Magnet...I used a piece of one of those free advertising magnets
Glue...I used Elmer's, but hot glue would be faster
On a flat surface circle the ornage chenille stems into a tight circle.
Cut the pieces of black chenille stem and form the eyes and mouth.
Cut the magnet to fit the back of the "pumpkin."
Glue every thing together and use a piece of black to make a stem.
The glue was not quite dry when I took this photo, but I had other things to do so I was in a hurry. This same idea could be used to make a Christmas Tree or Turkey or Valentine Heart. It is such a cheap craft and children have so much fun putting magnets on the frig.

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