Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Easy Feet

Easy Feet - As Seen on TV
My husband got this Easy Feet, as seen on TV, foot scrubber for the shower as a gift. Its claim to fame is "no more bending to clean your feet" and it cleans, exfoliates and massages your feet. It has a pumice stone that smooths your heels. There are over 1,000 bristles and the suction cup bottom grips to any floor. You can secure it to any tub or shower.
My husband said he didn't mind me taking photos of him cooking, but was not too sure of being my "foot model" for the Easy Feet photo! He also can't stand for his feet to be touched so he said the Easy Feet really tickles unless you just push your foot in it fast. Just add a squirt of soap and work your foot in and out for that spa feeling.

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  1. I saw those at Bed Bath & Beyond and I just glanced at them out of the corner of my eye and I assumed they were for cleaning the floor--ha! Now I'm curious. I bet this would be great for pregnant women too!