Thursday, October 20, 2011

Milk Toast

Milk Toast
Two pieces of bread
Toasted in the toaster
Break up the pieces of toast into a bowl
Sprinkle with a little bit of sugar
Add milk
Stir and eat
My husband has always said when he was growing up that they did not have much money. He cracks me up, because compared to our family, his family was much more comfortable. Milk toast was one of the things we had for breakfast on a fairly regular basis. Of course as you can see I still crave the comfort of eating it once in a great while even today. We also ate a lot of corn meal mush. Any left over mush from breakfast was poured in a dish and chilled. The chilled mush was sliced and fried for lunch or supper. I could live for months on the things my children toss out!


  1. When you think about it, this really isn't that different from cereal! I can definitely see how this would be comfort food.

  2. I grew up with milk toast as well, still use it once in a while as my quick breakfast. I add honey instead of sugar and the milk is warmed up a bit. Yummy ... can't beat it :)