Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sweet 405 mailed cupcakes to our office!
Amazing they arrived just perfect.
All of the stuff to set up for The Wizard of Oz theme birthday party.
How cute is this?
The white ones are wedding cake and the brown ones are turtle flavor...OMG!
Before when I posted about Sweet 405 cupcakes,
 you wanted to know what flavors they were.
Well, the ones on my 4-16-12 post were red velvet cake and vanilla.
We have had so many different flavors to try I do not have a complete list.
She creates some of the most mouth watering cupcakes ever!
The Wizard of Oz cupcakes were for the baker's "baby girl,"
who works in our office,
Happy Birthday!

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  1. Turtle cupcakes?! Ooh, those sound so good. I love the Wizard of Oz theme too!