Thursday, April 12, 2012

Salad Bowl Planter

After I planted my peppers and tomatoes in my recycled Cats Pride containers I felt the need to add a little color to the "garden" area. A couple days ago I posted about my container garden. Today I want to tell about my Marigold adventure. I wanted to put a pop of color between each white veggie container. Marigolds are suppose to help keep the bugs away from your garden, if you ever smell one you will understand why the bugs do not like them.
I went to Wal-Mart and checked the prices of Marigolds. I could get a 4 inch container with 4 Marigolds in each container $2.48. That would be 6 containers of Marigolds and put 3 in each pot.  I wanted one pot between each white veggie container I would need 8 pots. Next I checked the price of the pots....just regular flower pots and the medium size was $1.97 each. That was more than I wanted to spend.

Since I had other shopping to do in the I went. As I passed the "summer" plastic ware I stopped and looked at the salad bowls. YES! They were $1.00 each 5 inches deep and 12 inches wide....perfect for the Marigolds...and came in a variety of colors, but I love bright green.
I already had potting soil mix. I took the green salad bowls and made holes in the bottom. I grabbed a nail with a pair of pliers and heated it on the cook stove to burn the holes in the bowls. I filled them with potting soil and put three Marigold plants in each.
With the flowers added it went the entire length of my front porch.
I think the salad bowls would be great along any one's walk way, patio area, deck or porch and they had them in a variety of colors. Always think outside the box when you need something and it is a little more than you want to pay.

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