Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonderful Slice Knife

Since my husband is legally blind he has some really neat products, he has bought over the years to help him in the kitchen. This knife is one of his tools I love to use. We have ordered several for other members of the family too. You can find them online at Maxi Aids for the sale price of $19.9
This knife features: serrated edge, 8" professional length heavy duty, stainless steel blade and has an adjustable thickness guide for even slices. You can use it on meats, vegetables, breads, poultry, fruits and more.
To slice or carve just loosen the thumbscrew and set the slicing guide to the desired thickness. Retighten thumbscrew. Press the slicing guide against the food to be sliced and begin with the blade held horizontally. Tilt the blade downward as you reach the bottom of the food and slice completely through.
For sighted people there is a thickeness feature marked on the guide. I would recommend this knife for every kitchen. The slicing guide can be completely removed to use as an all purpose kitchen utility knife.

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