Monday, January 7, 2013

Crystal Bridges - 986 Thread Spools and Jack-In-The-Box Sculptures

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has some truly amazing pieces of art. These are some of my favorite at the Bentonville, Arkansas museum.
986 spools of thread!
hanging with metal ball chain...
looks like a blur until you look through the view sphere on the stand
My photo isn't the best, but you can see it is the American Gothic image! Wow! does this work???
The jack-in-the-box, tops, and antique doilies make up this unique sculpture.
I took the following close up photos of some of the individual pieces.]
My mom and niece are in the background of this photo.
Gotta tell you this Crystal Bridges Museum of Amerian Art is so worth the trip!
Bentonville, Arkansas is one lucky community to have such a grand facility.

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