Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jello with Bananas...comfort food

Do you have a favorite comfort food or one that specifically reminds you of your childhood? Mine is red jello with bananas made by my mom! It will forever make me feel like a little girl. Another thing she made this year that I do not remember her making in my adult life is bananas peeled and sliced long way and the sprinkled with chopped pecans...then she mixes enough powdered sugar with vinegar to make it pour over the top of the bananas...OMG it is such a great little light dessert. The vinegar keeps the bananas from turning dark when they are arranged on the serving platter! Mom swears she has made them lots of times, but my little brother who is 43 says he has never had them before...mmm
Mom's Jello with Bananas
My baby brother Wayne and Mom Christmas 2012


  1. I've never heard of that banana dessert! But I do think I've had the bananas in Jello--I don't remember when or where though!

  2. MMM, the banana-jello looks delicious ! I'dd probably never think about that mix in my life !! I'll surely make a try.