Sunday, June 23, 2013

White Dog Hill Restaurant Route 66

When Nelson King spotted the abused and vandalized 1925 Clinton Country Club building, he saw potential. He didn’t know exactly what he would make of it at first, but he wanted to preserve the history of the area. King purchased the building in 2000 and today it’s open for business as the While Dog Hill Restaurant and has resumed its position as a central part of the community.

The clubhouse and nearby caretaker’s quarters were built out of native red sandstone in 1926. The private, nine-hole course that used sand greens closed about 1960. It served as a residence until its abandonment in 1983. It deteriorated into an illegal dump and as a haven for vandals for nearly 20 years, until Nelson acquired the property.
Located at 22901 Route 66 North, in Clinton, Oklahoma, which is now a frontage road of Interstate 40, the old Country Club had a colorful history and most importantly a magnificent view. Although the scenic view from the old country club was remarkable, King knew the view inside the structure, even though it had potential, could not be realized without a significant financial investment as well as many hours of hard work.
King completed all of the carpentry work himself, including replacement of windows and facings, replacing the flooring for the upper level, and adding support beams. King did utilize local electricians, heat and air personnel, plumbers and roofers to complete the project. Just weeks before the restaurant was due to open, King lost the new roof during a bad storm, and then had to delay the opening to have a second roof added to the structure with the addition of $30,000 in personal capital funds. Since that time, King hand-selected or constructed all furnishings and decor for this unique bistro to accentuate the exclusive characteristics of the old country club.
King uncovered original landscaping by noticing that bulbs came up in a star formation, which is now a part of the herb gardens that contribute to the unique cuisine of the White Dog Hill Restaurant. In addition, King also constructed walkways and patios around his unique eatery. Just down the path from the restaurant he has completed another building and turned it into a one-of-a-kind bar.  
White Dog Hill Restaurant is a great place to go for a evening of good food, a drink if you like and the most beautiful views in Western Oklahoma. Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

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