Wednesday, August 25, 2010


These are some doorstops I made out of paving or landscape blocks. Super fun craft for less than $5 each. The blocks are less than $3 and the paint is about 50 cents per bottle. The blocks come in a variety of colors, the one on the left was a reddish colored block so I did not paint the entire face just the features. The one on the right had to be painted because it was just the regular concrete gray color. I use acrylic paint and then spray with a sealer. I painted these two for the schools where my daughter has taught. They have both been outside on her porch so they weather well.

The two doorstops above are suppose to be guys. The one below is a girl cheerleader. She has been outside for years too. At one time I had so many orders for these things I had to do an assembly line type operation. Had them laying all over my livingroom floor until it looked like the floor was being "paved" with concrete blocks!

I had just painted one with white and the one next to it with royal blue. I turned around and our tiny little kitten (at the time) had walked from the blue one on to the white one and left her paw prints all over the white one. I never finished that block. I just painted "First Work of Art by Buttercup Renea" on it and it still makes me smile when I see it.
I will warn you that if you handle a lot of these blocks and notice that your arms are hurting it is because they are a little on the heavy side.

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  1. I copied Brenda and made a one of these once. I wanted an Arkansas Razorback and of course, not being artistically blesses, I could not paint a Razorback. So I found a picture of one and decopauged it after I painted the rest! Worked great!