Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Super Center Shopping

Last time I briefly mentioned our local new super center store, and the fact that it was awful,  after our trip to Muskogee I confirmed what I already knew. I have been totally amazed that they could build a new facility, with probably twice the footage as the old store, and have less inventory! OMG!!

I walked into the Muskogee super center mind you it was 106 degrees on my car temp so I was hot...I was shocked at how cool the store was and immediately settled down for some serious shopping! The fact that I had to be out of the motel by 11am and could not retrieve DW from his meeting until after 2pm kinda forced me into this shopping trip. Oh darn:) When I realized the store was cool and the place had great lighting I knew Mr. S was watching over me.

Spending that amount of time in our local new super center store would have been like being sentenced to some awful punishment. Why? Our local NEW super center is DARK, the ceiling leaks so you get dripping water on your head if they do not have the buckets out already, the shelves seem to be bare or almost bare, they can't seem to get the restocking done, you have to be careful or you can bring home fruits and veggies with mold on them, the arrangement/layout of the store is the pits, and there is less than half the amount of items in the store. The new super center store is HOT which is great for winter, but not so much in the summer! They did add groceries, bakery and deli which I have tried to like with no success. Mr. S is rolling over in his grave:( 

The store in Muskogee which looks close to the same size as our local new super center had full shelves everywhere I looked. The store had  full sections of craft selections, which is where I spent most of the time "shopping", and I also about had a stroke when I saw that they had nice scrapbooks and paper to go with them! Our local new super center had the $10 cheapie scrapbooks and NO scrapbook paper to go with them. Mmmmmm I love to shop local BUT local stores need to have the product to I ordered scrapbook paper online! So shocked by just these sections I pushed my cart from corner to corner of that store just to log in my minds eye what a real super center store is suppose to look like!

I spent the balance of the "time to kill", before picking up DW, at my favorite craft store. On down the road a bit was H.L. the arts and crafters heaven. I wish we had one of these stores closer to home. This store had all their Christmas goodies, trees and everything on display with discounts already! Whew that was a little much for me, so I zipped past all that stuff to the scrapbook section. I was able to find a beautiful well constructed scrapbook and after using my 40% off coupon it was the same price as the cheapie ones at the local store. I was also able to get some jewelry making supplies for 50% off so, I left there a happy shopper. Oh and it was cool and well lighted too.

Do you think I am getting grumpy in my old you do not have to answer that...I know I am...LOL:) I am not the only one that is unhappy about the local new super center store. I have heard lots of people express their disappointment at something that many had waited for with great anticipation. Enough about our local new super center store that is one of those things we can't do anything about....

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