Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Computer Rules!

If you have children or grandchildren that are using a computer I suggest you set some rules and talk to them about computer safety. When our granddaughter was staying with us over the summer, I posted the following rules because she was always on Facebook.


Do not use any bad words on the computer ever!
Do not say anything bad about anyone at anytime!
Do not open anything unless you know who it is from just delete it if you do not.
Delete all pop up screens.
Do not click on anything that says you have won.
Never open anything that mentions shipment or account, they are usually fake.
Do not open anything that says Microsoft update or other update information.
Be careful about opening attachments, they can be viruses.
This computer has to last so please be careful.


Never give full name or age or birth date
Never give your phone number
Never give your address or town where you live
Never describe your vehicle or tag number
Never give school name or mascot
Never give any of the above information about family or friends
Never tell where you are going or when you will be gone or when you will return
Never "chat" with anyone you do not know

It seems that every day we read or watch the news to see another teen that has been kidnapped, because of the information they were sharing on the computer. Some pervert befriends them and then convinces them to meet them somewhere only to never been seen again or turn up dead. The kidnapping of our youth, girls and boys, to use in sex slave trafficking is unbelievable in this country! PAY ATTENTION!!!

There are thieves out there watching to see who is going on a trip so they can rob their house or apartment. I know teens don't have much common sense, but come on parents you do the same thing! Brag about going to a concert or vacation and you just invite these people to rip you off!

Another big catch with the use of computers and Facebook.....people are losing their jobs because of something stupid they said on their Facebook. THINK before you type! Posting photos of you at the bar or doing something else stupid can get you fired! Everyone out there can see what you are posting!

My small list of Computer Rules and Computer Safety are only a few of the things children and grandchildren should understand about computer usage.

Currently they are passing laws that can put them in jail for things they post on the computer or send on their cell phones. Please pay attention to their cyber activities!

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