Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is Deborah the #1 OSU fan. I met Deborah 25 years ago when she was my daughter's Girl Scout leader. Our daughters went to school together and now we are both Grannys!   This young lady has more energy than anyone I know! She worked at the OSU Extension service for years. She is now selling Real Estate...oh yes, she could sell a ice cube in Alaska. Deborah is just awesome. 

Today is her birthday...I will not disclose her age, because you would not believe it anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBORAH! 
Deborah and the Bikers...Counter Protest - Bixby, Oklahoma
If she believes it she will stand up for it! I was proud to know she was there to stand up against those crazy people who have been protesting at funerals.  Good thing I could see grave markers in the photo of her and the Bikers above, or I would have thought she was just out having too much fun. I promise, you just do not want to tick her off...she is little, but mighty!

Chief Gregory Pyle and Deborah

I just have to share this funny story with you about Deborah. She is the most organized human on the planet and I am pretty anal myself. Deborah was always planning trips and educational outings for our children. She always gave everyone a list of what they needed to bring. She instructed how to wrap soft drinks and how to pack lunches, etc so that everyone could put their stuff in the community ice chest and then find it on the trip.

One time there were a whole bunch of kids going on a trip and needed to take sack lunches. They were leaving real early in the morning so you can imagine the amount of confusion in trying to get everything in the coolers, everything and everyone in the vans to arrive where they were going on time. Deborah ask every child at least your lunch in the cooler? So everything was loaded and off they went.

They arrived and did a few activities and then it was time for lunch. Deborah handed out everyone's lunch and drinks. My daughter said Deborah had a funny look on her face. Deborah had forgot to pack her lunch. I mentioned earlier that I was anal...I never let my children go anywhere that required a sack lunch without packing enough for two people, just in case there was someone who did not have food. Well low and behold, Deborah needed that extra lunch my daughter had in her sack.

This was the time in my daughter's life that she was on a cheese and ketchup sandwich kick! My daughter shared one of the sandwiches with Deborah, and she still laughs remembering the look on Deborah's face as she took that first bite.


  1. Ha! I can see myself being the mom who organizes everything for everyone else and then forgets my own lunch. I think I would rather go hungry than eat cheese and ketchup, though!

  2. OMG! What fun! You are amazing Brenda... and still remembering at Your age! LOL!!! I loved those sandwiches but can understand why Dennis does the cooking at your house! You made my day with this blog! Hope you know how special you are!
    Hugs, GF!
    ox ox ox