Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Granny's Love School Concert

Our grandson aka "Granny's Love" had his spring school concert last night in the new Performing Arts Center at the High School. He is the adorable child on the far right of this photo second row down from the top. He was just incredibly handsome in his little suit vest and tie. The blue shirt really made his eyes sparkle. I know you think I am partial, but he is so sweet.
This next photo is of the whole group. There were two concerts with each one with half the classes. This concert had four classes. They just opened this multi-million dollar Performing Arts Center which was built smack dab in the middle of the high school parking lot. The community raised money to purchase a $88,000.00 (yes, eighty-eight thousand dollars!) grand piano for the center. I would have been more thrilled with more parking less stairs.
If you notice Granny's Love has his hands clasped behind his back in most of the photos. I would bet money this is what they were all told to do. He is one of those wonderful children that wants to please and tries to do what he is told. He did not get that from his mother or his father. LOL
He told me that we needed to sit on the front row. He knows his Poppy can't see very well. The look on his face when he saw that we were front row center was so worth getting there way too early.
He wasn't real thrilled with this scarf twirling part of the performance. Note the wood rim around the stage area. There was at least a half dozen people trip on that while we were there. The teacher even made an announcement for parents to be careful and not fall over the wood rim! Are you kidding? What the heck is it for anyway?
OK it is hard to focus when you are a granny and your eyes water watching "the baby" at his concert. He just looks so grown up. It was only yesterday?? when I sat and rocked him to sleep singing....Jonathan Wesley is who you are...Granny's bright and shining star...Sent from heaven up above...Just for Papa to give his love...Jonathan...Jonathan...Jonathan Wesley is who you are...Or...Hush be still as any mouse there's a baby in the house lots of trucks and lots of toys all for Jonathan our beautiful baby boy...now my eyes are watering again!
This is a after concert photo of Granny's Love and our oldest daughter, his Mom. People tell us all the time that she looks and acts just like me and our other daughter looks and acts like my husband. Neither of the girls are too impressed by those observations. Makes me laugh!
Stephanie and Jonathan

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  1. Brenda! What a joy you have in your family. I love it! I miss it! I would like to tell your girls that there are worse things in the world than looking and acting like your parents. What I wouldn't give to be like Brenda K. Williams. Folks, we have an angel among us in her. I smile.