Thursday, March 3, 2011

Consumer Reports

Today is my Arkansas friend Pat's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT! She and I have been friends for thirty-six (or thirty-seven) years. She is like my other little sister. Her grandson was born on my grandson's birthday. We spend holidays together and visit nearly everyday. None of this has anything to do with this blog title, except it reminded me of this website Pat sent to me. I saved it to use "at a later date" and just now remembered that I wanted to share it with you.

It is a great site to keep up with the latest consumer information. It gives the latest safety news, lists recalls of all kinds of products from food to toys, etc., gives health news and just about any topic you might need to check. I recommend you keep it in your favorites or where ever you put stuff you need to find later.

I recommend you check out Pat's blog too:
She has awesome tips on how to live small,  how to cook for one and lots of other things.

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  1. Thank you to my dear freind! Brenda is the most amazing friend ever! It takes a bit over four hours to drive from my house to hers and we've still been able to be best of friends. That's just how amazing she is!