Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy Swiss Steak

My favorite thing to do while shopping the meat counter is to first go down the line to see if there is anything with a REDUCED sticker. As you can see by the label I scanned below the savings can be huge. Always look at the sell by date, if you do not intend to go home and use it within the time frame just stick it in the freezer. 

When I saw the round steak I thought SWISS STEAK! We make EASY SWISS STEAK...only three ingredients. Round steak, onion and a can of tomatoes with green chilis already in them.
Put the round steak in a large skillet. My husband cut this steak into serving size pieces before he put it into the skillet. Cut the onion into large pieces and put on top of the steak. Pour the tomatoes with green chilis on top. Bring to a boil and then lower the heat, cover the skillet with a lid. Cook until the meat is fork tender. My husband cooked this steak for about one and a half hours.
We ate this cheap-n-easy Swiss Steak with hominy and canned okra. It is a "old people" thing to eat like this, so you can serve with your favorite veggies, cause I know you said "yuk" when you looked at my plate below.
We had enough Swiss Steak to have our supper, lunch the next day for both of us and a couple servings we put in the freezer to have for later. We often cook enough to have at least four servings, because we both take our lunches to work. This is a major money savings to not go out any buy lunch.

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