Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stained Glass

My friend Jo from Georgia sent me this beautiful stained glass work of art she made before she passed away. I have it hanging in my kitchen window and it is one of the first things I see every day as I take my morning medicine. Jo was an awesome artist and I also am lucky enough to own some of her watercolor paintings. When she moved to Georgia she met a lady named Doris who had a stained glass studio. Doris is a master stained glass artist and taught Jo how do this piece. They traveled around Georgia buying glass and other supplies. Jo would tell me about all their adventures and the fun they had. This stained glass art piece makes me smile!
This is the front side of the piece.
This is the backside of the piece.

Our local Vocational Technical school has a stained glass class for adults in the evening. I knew of an insurance salesman that took a class in the city and turned his stained glass hobby into a full time career! He now has displays in retail shops and travels to various art shows around the state. He almost always wins awards for his stained glass. I love it when people can do something they love and earn a living at the same time.

You can take classes, or you can also find lots of how to videos on the internet, if you want to learn how to do stained glass art. I would have to take the classes and have someone actually show me how. I do know that there are tools needed for stained glass, Jo was lucky to have Doris who let her borrow things she already had.

Before you begin your first stained glass project, here are some essential tools and supplies you will need.
• glass cutter
• breaking pliers
• running pliers
• glass grinder
• soldering iron
• temperature controller
• various stained glass for design
• copper foil
• solder
• flux
• finishing compound

This all sounds very complicated to me, but if you want more details check out the following website: How to Make Stained Glass Step by Step Instructions

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