Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teen Fashion?

Today's teen fashions make me crazy. This half teeshirt came out of Rue21 brand new looking like this! First of all just going into Rue21, with the music blaring and the clothing racks so close together, made me nuts. I went with my granddaughter, to get a couple pair of jeans for school, and came out with this prize possession. The front of the shirt is cute with a leopard print heart, with 'Flirt' written in hot pink, but the bottom half of the tee shirt is missing. I am aware that layering is the big deal right now, and she certainly has to layer something under this tee!
Looking at this photo I see the Me, Myself, and I poster she had to put together for school, when she was seven years old, and think to myself...things were so much easier ten years ago. She certainly did not wear clothing with holes in them, or with the back slashed out in the name of fashion. The poster says her favorite color was pink, and she still likes pink, but at the moment her favorite color is purple. The poster has fake nails attached and today she nearly strokes out if her nails aren't perfect. I love her with all my heart, but I do not like the things she wears.

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