Thursday, March 29, 2012


I sometimes grab a banana on my way out the door to work. It is a quick breakfast. Bananas have a mood-lifting power, in their combination of vitamins B6, A, and C; fiber; tryptophan; potassium; phosphorous; iron; protein; and healthy carbohydrates.
When you eat a banana, you get a quick boost from the fructose as well as sustaining energy from the fiber, which helps prevent a blood sugar spike. Carbohydrates aid in the absorption of tryptophan in the brain, and vitamin B6 helps convert the tryptophan into mood-lifting serotonin. Bananas are also a great source of potassium. Although potassium isn't directly related to mood, it is needed to regulate fluid levels and keep muscles working properly, which is important for feeling energized. Bananas also give us iron, which produces energy and fights fatigue. Bananas are available year-round and are easy to take along.

Bananas can be added into a variety of smoothies or made into many types of other dishes. I love to dip bananas in chocolate and freeze them....yummy!

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