Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WHY My Husband Cooks!

A few weeks ago my Aunt and one of her friends came to visit. I got up early and put pinto beans and rice in the crockpot. I added lots of yummy seasonings. I was really hungry for rice and beans. This is what happened! It turned into one solid lump of nasty. My Aunt and I looked in the crockpot...I said this could be used to set a fence post, so she stood a knife up in my beans and rice and then nearly died laughing!!!


Her friend said "Where is that Chinese restaurant"
We all had a good laugh and went to eat Chinese!
Peggy and my Aunt Sharon
This is the little Main Street park by New Young China Restaurant.

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  1. Ha! I have had something similar happen with beans in the crock pot. They broke down and then the water boiled off and all that was left was a thick sludge. Chinese food was probably a good idea. ;)