Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fried Dill Pickles

My husband made me some fried dill pickle slices!!! I love fried dill pickle slices.
He used a cup of flour, a package of Ranch Dip mix, pepper and pickles.
He just mixed the Ranch Dip mix and pepper in with the flour
and dipped the pickles in the mix.
Next he fried them in his cast iron skillet with a little bit of canola oil.
I remembered to take the photo after he had fried several,
so the excess flour in covering the bottom of the skillet.
(Sorry...I was eating the fried dill pickles.)
He took them out of the skillet and put them on a paper towel.
Some people dip them in ranch dressing and some put ketchup on them.
I just eat them!
This was the first time he had tried this recipe and it was GOOD!
He normally uses a mix of cornmeal and flour to put on the pickles.
He also uses regular dill pickle slices, but this time we had the ovals.


  1. OMG! THose pickles look sooo good!

  2. It's so funny that you posted this because I'm on vacation right now (yes, I'm reading blogs while on vacation--ha!) and on the car ride to Illinois, we stopped at a restaurant in Kentucky and got fried pickles for the first time. I thought they would be either really gross or really delicious and luckily, they were delicious. :) I bet they're good with the ranch flavor mixed in!