Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bird Watching Cats

Lizzie Tu and Callie Ann go to the bathroom and "ask" us to open the window.
They jump up in the window and look around outside. On this day they were being teased by some kind of black birds in the bush. Look at the top of the next photo and you can see two of the birds.
Those birds knew, full good and well, that Lizzie Tu and Callie Ann could not get through the screen and get them. I don't think I have ever heard birds sing so loud, as those black birds were doing while teasing the cats. I saw at least five birds land in the bush for the show.
Lizzie Tu and Callie Ann were not amused that I was taking photos from behind them, while they were trying to bird watch.


  1. Cats need some entertaining too! So funny!

  2. Ha! My cats do that too--they get so excited when we open the windows. Sometimes they even chirp back at the birds, which always makes me laugh!