Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Johnny's Fried Onion Burgers

I have written about my husband making the family recipe Fried Onion Burgers on this blog in the past. Today I want to show you my brother-in-law Johnny's Blue Goose on the Loose Fried Onion Burger set up. This was a day when he only made 80 of them. First he has a good size grill top with a gas burner under it. This batch of burgers was for a family gathering so he just backed the pick up under the edge of the carport and set up the grill. Blue Goose was a restaurant owned by the family many years ago. One of their specialities was Fried Onion Burgers. The "on the Loose" part came about when Johnny made and served the burgers at large events. No matter if they are made in the house or outdoors, they are really good burgers!
Hamburger meat rolled into balls
(approximately a heaping 1/4 cup each)
Very thinly sliced onions - lots of them
Hamburger Dill Pickle slices (3 per burger)
Small hamburger buns
Regular yellow mustard
Put the hamburger on the grill top with lots of onions and smash them flat. Johnny is using a spachala and a block of wood, that his father used in the restaurant, to smash the onions into the meat. When he flipped the burgers he added more onion to the other side and smashed again. Look at the steam as he if flipping the burgers.
The part that I think really makes the burgers good is putting the buns on the grill and getting them good and toasted. Note that I backed up a bit to capture the fire wood in the photo. It has nothing to do with the Fried Onion Burgers, but I like the way it looks between the carport native stone posts. Also, on the pickup tail gate is the assembly for the burgers. Each one gets 3 dill pickle slices and a squirt of mustard. Then they are wrapped in restaurant paper and put into the cooler to stay warm until all are cooked and ready to serve.
Johnny, Dennis, Allen

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