Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walking or Running Be Safe

I see lots of people out walking and running in the evenings. I want all of them to be safe, but I don't think they use their brain before they leave the house. If it is getting dark they should be aware of how hard they are to see in their dark clothing! If you are a walker or runner please wear bright clothing and reflective clothing if it is going to be getting dark before you return home. Even in the daytime, it is hard for drivers to see people or bicyclists will all the distractions around us. It is wise to wear something bright that contrasts with the environment.
Another consideration for walking or running is to wear a comfortable shoe, supportive undergarments and sunscreen. If you are going farther than around the block you might want to get a waist pack to hold the house key, safety whistle, cell phone or whatever other small items you might need. Of course, a water bottle holster is also a good thing to have. A pedometer is a neat thing to have to count the number of steps you've taken to keep you motivated.

I see lots of walkers and runners with earphones in both ears listening to music. I don't think that is the safest idea. I fear they will be so distracted by the music they will not hear the traffic. I hope everyone who walks or runs remembers to be safe.

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