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Brad Cohen - Tourette Syndrome

Brad Cohen speaking in Denver, Colorado
When my daughter went to Denver, with her University of Oklahoma class for a conference, the featured speaker was Brad Cohen. I was so excited that she was going to get to see him...he is like a rock star to me! The man is totally incrediable. I have see the movie about his life on the Hallmark Channel several times and he amazes me. She had never seen the movie, but I told her about him, and after hearing him speak she was just as impressed as I have been. This man is a hero to anyone who ever struggled through school. 
I looked up the following information about Brad Cohen to share with you.
Living with Tourette Syndrome can be a challenge, but Brad Cohen believes he has overcome his disability by living life to its fullest. Brad has been a highly respected teacher for 14 years and is currently an Assistant Administrator in Cobb County, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Brad previously taught second and third grade at Tritt and Mountain View Elementary in Cobb County and was the technology lab instructor at Stripling Elementary School in Gwinnett County. He also was responsible for the staff development as an Area Lead Teacher for several schools in Cobb County.
Brad has not only taught reading, writing and math, but he also teaches his students how to accept people for who they are, no matter what their disability may be. One of Brad’s biggest honors was the Sallie Mae First Year Teacher of the Year Award for the State of Georgia. Brad received this award for both his outstanding teaching and positive role model abilities.
Brad attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois where he graduated Cum Laude and received his bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. He went on to attend Georgia State University where he received both a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Specialist Degree in Leadership and Administration. Brad later was recognized as the Bradley University Outstanding Young Alumnus. Brad has been active with the Tourette Syndrome Association where he served on the Board of Directors in Georgia. He helped start an one week overnight summer camp for children who have Tourette’s and has traveled around to help other camps in the U.S. He speaks to parents, teachers, children, and adults about his experiences with Tourette Syndrome.
Brad volunteers with many community events. Brad was the chairman of Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society in both Roswell and Cobb County. He has been a little league coach for a 4th grade baseball team. He was recognized for his community involvement and selected as a semi finalist in the Ben and Jerry’s Citizen Cool Contest. Brad was named the Atlanta Braves/Bell South Excellence in Education winner and was presented with an award at Turner Field. During the baseball season, Brad use to be found at Turner Field where he worked part time as one of the Atlanta Braves mascots. Brad is married to his wife Nancy and welcomed their first son, Dylan, in March, 2010.
Brad has been featured on Oprah, CNN, Inside Edition, People Magazine, The New York Times and several other magazines and newspaper articles.
Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had, was Brad’s first book and is available in hardback and paperback in bookstores across America. It was named the Education Book of the Year and was made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie for CBS television in 2008. Since the first airing of the show, it has been seen across the world on various stations. It is now featured regularly on the Hallmark Channel.
Brad’s personal website is

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