Saturday, December 1, 2012

Craft Foam Christmas Tree Ornaments

Craft foam is an inexpensive item to use for lots of crafts. I took glittery craft foam and made Christmas tree ornaments. I cut two pieces of craft foam in the same shape to be able to glue together with the glitter sides out. Next, I cut out the center of one piece of craft foam to be able to put a photo in the center. Gather up some of the left over family snapshot photos you didn't use in your scrapbooks. Glue the photo down on the inside of the back piece and then glue the "frame" cut out on top of the photo. Use hole punch to make a hole, after the glue has dried, for the ribbon in the top and add the ribbon for a hanger.
Glitter Craft Foam
Elmer's Glue or hot glue
Hole Punch
Family Snapshot Photos
These are a few of the Craft Foam Ornaments I made for my Granddaughter's tree this year. I just freelance cut the shapes. You could trace around cookie cutters to make shapes. They do not have to be perfect. They are all one-of-a-kind to remember the fun that happened during the year. Since they are shiny on both sides they will look good mixed in with her other ornaments.

This is the back side of a couple of the ornaments.
You can cut in the shape of an ornament or just odd shapes you make up to frame the photo you are going to use. Often the photo will tell you what shape to make the ornament.
You can also add other things like I had these little foam stocking stickers and I found the 'Twas the night before Christmas....The children were nestled all snug in their beds....poem to add to this photo of the kids in bed watching a movie.
I cut a Christmas tree shape for this ornament.
I used the hole punch to punch out the pink dots to decorate the tree.
I used my craft scissors to make this ornament and cut strips from another piece of foam to decorate the corners. The foam was a bit hard to cut with the craft scissors:)
You can make hearts or stars or any shape you like.
On this one I added a heart on top of the photo,
 inside the "frame" to make it more colorful.
Glitter craft foam comes in lots of colors so the fun is endless.
Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments are my favorite thing in the world to make. I try ever year to make a few. It is an awesome way to document the "history" of every Christmas as your family changes or grows. It makes your Christmas tree personal...not the perfect "store bought" kind of look with everything matching. I think it also shows more of the Christmas spirit...not the commercial look.
Making tree ornaments is also a way to involve your children in decorating the tree. I think I still have some of the egg carton bells my kids made when they were little. Another idea I love is to keep an ornament from every year of your child's life, and then when they move out and have their own tree give them all the ornaments you saved through their childhood.  


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