Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WHEW! Holidays are WORK!

We traveled to my sister-in-law's ranch in South Central Oklahoma for Thanksgiving
and we traveled to Northwest Arkansas to Mom's for Christmas.
Traveling for the holidays is WORK! 
Shopping for the holidays is WORK!
Wrapping the gifts is WORK!
Preparing all the food to feed the families is REALLY WORK!
Our niece Debra loves to cook and this is what she prepared:
She brined this beautiful bird...
if you do not brine your birds you need to start.
There are lots of brine recipes you can look up.
Here is our Great Nephew Jason carving the bird.
OMG...this ham was to die for...carmelized top was awesome!
This is our niece Debra fixing her mashed potatoes.
Her cornbread dressing was so yummy!
This is our Great Niece, Jessica
(Debbie's daughter) getting the rolls ready for the oven.
I forgot to get the name of these rolls, but they were so good.
Here is Debra doing the gravy on the gas stove in the canning kitchen.
(The electric stove is in the photo above by Jessica)
No meal is complete without deviled eggs.
Sweet Potatoes
Cream Cheese Corn
Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Blackeyed Peas.
Squash Casserole
AND she had half a dozen pies and cakes and fruit salad...

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