Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Wreath

I love to make wreaths for ever occasion...
I made this simple Valentine Wreath for my Granddaughter.
I used things I already had on hand...
Coat Hanger - Shape into Heart
Two Strands of Beads - my Granddaughter's favorite color is purple
Sparkle Pipe Cleaners
Peel and Stick Conversation Hearts
(go to the after Valentine Day sales and get you a package of these hearts)
Glitter Glue and or Sharpie
Simply shape coat hanger into heart shape
Wrap the beads around the heart intertwine with pipe cleaners to hold in place
Attach pipe cleaner down the middle and add peel and stick hearts
(one on each side of the pipe cleaner so they stick together)
I used the glitter glue to write their names and it ran together
I smeared it and just made one side of the hearts glittery
you can always "cover up" a mess...
The other side can be left plain...
I used white and lavender hearts to go with purple beads
I decided to do one side with the glitter look and the other
with their names...they can decide which they like
Wreaths do not need to be real big or expensive...
The wreath below is one I made last year for my daughter...
heart shaped wreath
glitter hearts

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