Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Color is Your Jellybean?

What color is Your Jellybean?
White or Black
Highly structured and organized
Surrounding are neat
If given an assignment such as a paper, wants to know how many pages, exact requirements, number of entries, etc.
Always wants to know the rules
Memorizes things well
Can't stand unorganized, sloppy people
Deliberates before making decisions
Sometimes appears to others to be aloof or standoffish
Love recognition
Seen as a leader, usually in highly visible positions
Respect authority and tradition
Decisive, directive, and focused
Love for the black and white jellybean people to organize their projects for them - then they take all the credit
Not usually outspoken
Always in a state of transition, weather they are 8 years old or 80 years old
Usually smart, innovative, often artistic
Sometimes confused in making decisions, not sure where they are supposed to be
Hard workers
Exciting to be with - will try anything as long as it's safe
Spiritual aspects usually important to them
They look at things with perspective and respect other people's opinions
Cheerful an dgood-natured
Have the ability to get along well with almost anyone
Friendly and have a ready smile
Possess a quick wit
Fluent, often eloquent and profound in speech
Do not like to be left alone
Enjoy life and inspire others to reach their highest potential
Red and Pink
Courageous and energy seems boundless
Smile much of the time
If they see someone not smiling, they will ask them what the problem is
Genuinely care about people and become involved in other's problems
Highly influenced by others, share their sadness or grief
Make their decisions with feelings, act on the impulse of the heart, spending a great deal of time on the phone, usually listening to others
Quality communicators
Sensitive, enthusiastic friends and lovers
Flirty and passionate
Highly creative, highly excitable
have new ideas and are visionaries
Short attention spans - can't stay put for long at a time
Disorganized, often choosing to close doors rather than deal with the organization
Procrastinators who thrive on chaos, enjoy the challenges of different problems
Have a problem dealing with highly structured time
Questioning - when given an assignment, ask why it must be done in a certain way, wants to do it differently
Set high standards for themselves and those who work for them - hard to work for

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