Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Money Saving Easter Baskets

My Mom has a Easter Egg hunt for all the Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, friends and neighbors. She has a huge front yard that the children have a blast running and searching for the eggs. This is a photo of her front yard I took last fall. The toddlers get to hunt on the space between the house and the rock wall of the flower bed. The older ones search up on the top part of the yard. The teens get to hide the eggs for the younger ones and everyone has a great time.
Since my Great Granddaughter and my son's three stepchildren (add to my three grandsons and it brings me to a total of six grandsons and one granddaughter)  will be there for the hunt this year I decided to make personalized Easter Baskets for them. That many could get expensive, so I went to the local thrift store and picked up eight bucket/baskets and three bags of green Easter grass for $4.93! Having their names on the bucket/baskets will save any confusion over eggs or baskets. Instead of lots of candy that they don't really need Mom stuffs some of  the eggs with quarters or dollars and the children just love it.
Check out Miss Lizzie Tu...she wants in every photo of everything!
These are the bucket/baskets I picked up.
I will wash and spray with bleach to make sure they are clean before adding the names.
I also will add some extra color to the purple bunny bucket.
I will color with permanent marker to highlight the carrot, eyes, etc.
Callie Ann sees that Lizzie Tu is getting in the photo...
These darn cats are just like kids...monkey see monkey do.
Some days they even fight like my girls did when they were younger.

Remember to shop the after EASTER sales! Look for Easter basket grass that is in neutral colors...clear sparkle, yellow, white, etc.... that can be used in gift baskets all year long. Look for Easter baskets that do not really look like a Easter Egg Hunt baskets to also use for wedding, baby shower, house warming, birthday, etc. gift baskets. Look for bows, solid color cups, plates, napkins, tablecloths for other parties during the year.

Everyone knows a year in advance when they will be doing birthday parties and it is less expensive to have the "basics" on hand and then just add "theme" items at the last minute. Example: yellow and red table cloths go with nearly every "boy" action figure type theme. Buy them for half price or less and add the theme with other decor.


  1. And don't forget Easter candy to use in cooking and baking. Once the wrapper is off and the chocolate or candy is melted, no one knows it was supposed to be egg shaped and wrapped in pastel foil. Also, I use those easter buckets for EVERYTHING. They make great storage and you can just put craft paper around it, paint it or do some kind of fabric fat quarter project. LOVE the buckets!

  2. Your cats are just like mine--somehow they always know when you have the camera out and want to get in the picture! (But when they're doing something cute and you actually do want to photograph them, that's when they walk away!)

    This is a great idea--I would never think that thrift stores would have Easter baskets or grass!