Monday, April 28, 2014

Wedding Flowers

I put together the flowers for my son's wedding on St. Patrick's Day
Colors were green and purple.
I purchased flowers at the Family Dollar store
in various shades of purple and green.
Instead of a store bought bouquet base...
I cut a round circle out of the side of a plastic
kitty litter container and made holes all over the circle.
I poked the flowers down in the holes to keep them spread out.

Then I pulled all the stems together and duck taped them.
Next I wrapped the base with ribbon.

I added a butterfly and pansy to the bouquet
for the bride and for my mom who is Pansy.

 I ended up making 10 boutonnieres and
10 corsages, plus the bouquet for the attendant.
This is just a the beginning of them... 
 Granny of the Groom
 Mother of the Bride
 Mother of the Groom
 Sister of the Groom
 Aunt of the Groom
 Sister of the Bride
 Sister of the Bride
Tim the Minister...he did an awesome ceremony!

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