Monday, January 30, 2012

100th Day of School Shirt - 2012

For $3.00 I made a 100th Day of School Shirt for Granny's Love aka my Grandson. I went to the Family Dollar Store and purchased a package of 3 t-shirts (white undershirts), because they were cheaper ($6.50 for the package)  than purchasing individual shirts. (I use the word "cheaper" when I should say less expensive...point is saving money, so bear with me and my old fashioned wording when I write.) Plus, I have the other two shirts to make two more projects for him. I also picked up a package of brightly colored permanent markers, $2.00 for package of 8. I will also use them for additional projects. I love to purchase things that I can use for multiple projects.
I slipped the t-shirt over my lap desk for a firm surface.
Word to the wise, if you do not want your lap desk top to say 100 Days Smarter,
put a layer of foil or plastic wrap on the lap desk and then slip the t-shirt over it.
The permanent markers will bleed through the shirt.
Then I wrote 100 DAYS SMARTER and drew on 100 STARS.
You could stencil the words and stars, but he is only going to wear
this shirt to school one day and then it will be play shirt.
This Granny is into easy projects these days,
so I just freehanded the words and stars.

The shirt below is the one I made for him last year see my blog post 1-2-11.
The year before the safety pin shirt, I sewed 100 buttons on a shirt for him.
That was way too much work!

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