Saturday, January 7, 2012

Personalized Name Craft

Does your child or grandchild have an unusually spelled name? When my daughter was born I thought I was being cool to name her after her parents. Kenneth and Brenda = Kennda, the first half of his name and the second half of my name. DUH! What was I thinking? She could never go to the mall and find ready-made personalized name items. Looking back I should have only used one 'N' and it would have been easier for others to say and spell.

When my daughter's friend was moving into a new house I made PERSONALIZED NAME "art" for each of her children, who all have unique names. This was a house warming gift for each of them to hang in their rooms. This project is easy and inexpensive to make.

18 X 24 Wood Poster Frame
Gift Wrapping Paper
Scrapbook Paper
For Alexxus I used pink flowered paper for the background to match the colors of her room. Then I cut out freehanded letters of her name, with in a color that matched the leaves in the paper. I should have used stensils, but the freehanded letters are a bit more funky and certainly one-of-a-kind. Glue the letters on top of the wrapping paper and put into the poster frame.
Aaliyah loved cats, so I used wrapping paper with cats and tied in the colors of her room with the letters. On her letters I glued them down to rectangle pieces of scrapbook paper, before gluing on the background wrapping paper. I also added triangle shaped scrapbook paper on two corners, before framing.
Traeton needed a sports theme for his room. I used sports paper with basketball, football, soccer, and baseball items. The letters are a color just lighter than the basketballs, so they would stand out.

All three of the kids loved to have something personalized with their names. It was a special gift for some special children in my life.

My daughter took these photos and sent them to me, because they live over an hours drive from me. She took them with her phone...I have given this child two cameras and she still uses her phone! They are a bit blurry, but I hope you can see them well enough to get the idea of a fun craft you can make.

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