Friday, January 13, 2012

Paint Sample Art Project

Tiffiany sent me these photos of the ART PROJECT she did using PAINT SAMPLES.
She purchased 2 inexpensive 11 x 14 frames that already had a 8 x 10 opening mat.
Then she picked up some of those free paint sample cards at the store.
She purchased some Pearlescent Paper, but said you did not have to use this.
Couple pieces of aluminum foil and some glue.
She put the Pearlescent Paper in the mat.
Then decided how she wanted the paint samples laid out.
She crumpled up some pieces of the aluminum foil just to add a little bling.
Once she got the patten she wanted she glued everything down to the paper.
She made two different pieces of art to compliment each other.
I think they are really awesome!
The photo below shows how she made a complete art installation on the wall.
This is "third" daughter.
Thanks Tiffiany for sharing this project with us.