Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finger and Toe Nails High Maintenance!

This is about three girls who cannot breathe if they do not have their finger and toe nails done! Then they have to go back and have them filled in every couple of weeks. They are what I call HIGH MAINTENANCE! I have never had my finger or toe nails done in a salon, but then I have really hard strong nails. I also do not like polish on my finger nails, but I do like to keep my toe nails painted. These are only examples of some of the nails they have spent good money to have put on their fingers or toes.

These are not professional toe nails...
these are some my granddaughter did for me at home.
She used polish, decals, top coat and it lasted for over a month!
I know my toes are old and ugly, but I wanted you to see what $4 could do from home...
 instead of $40 from the salon.

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  1. It looks like your granddaughter has a side job available to her! I'm so boring and just wear solid colors.