Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fix Broken Mirror

My Granddaughter broke her full length mirror all across the bottom. The mirror has a purple frame and her room decor has purple and zebra. I took a piece of zebra scrapbook paper and lots of Elmer's glue and fixed the mirror.
Between the heavy scrapbook paper and the glue the mirror is probably stronger now than before she broke it. Instead of a broken mirror, now it looks like a custom designed mirror.
There was one big break that went higher than the paper would cover. To "mask" that crack I took a flower applique and glued it over the crack. This close up shows the crack, but if you are just glancing it is not noticeable. She was tickled with the newly "designed" mirror and I was happy to not have to go buy a new one:)
How would the world survive without Elmer's Glue and Duck Tape?


  1. Oh, I could have used you last year when we broke our full-length mirror. Well, my husband broke it! Do you think if you fix it, you get out of the whole 7 years bad luck thing? :)

  2. You did a great job of making that mirror better than before. One of our sons broke our full-length mirror last week. They were throwing the football or some type of rough-housing in the home. I think since it shatter we will have to just replace it though. http://www.misterwindowanddoor.com/Storm_Protection_Products_Services_Palmetto_FL.html