Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Gifts

My favorite thing in the world is to give someone a gift. I prefer to be able to plan ahead and look for special things for the special event. Last week I received an invitation to a baby shower that is being helt this week. I had to do some quick shopping to find some neat things for this shower. The mother-to-be is a very special young lady with the cutest little boy ever!
This is the gift packet I put together for the baby girl shower. Note at the top I found some pink child size hangers. I was just walking by this end cap at the store and they practically jumped in my basket, because I certainly never thought about giving child size hangers before! It makes lots of sense though because this new little girl will need to have enough clothes in her closet to be a diva! I know she will be as beautiful as her big brother.
This is one of the neatest things ever for the baby shower, especially if the older child is in attendance. I found this at my pharmacy that is mostly a huge gift shop, with a pharmacy in the middle. It is a tin can with a t-shirt inside that says "World's Best Big Brother" on the t-shirt. I just knew this little boy was going to need a gift too. After all he has been the "baby" for four years and I remember well what it felt like to be "dethroned" when my sister was born!
Since I got a large container of wipes I found this cute travel wipes container. Is this cute or what! She is going to be a little Princess.
On the little pink outfit I included with the gifts, the Princess theme continued! I added some cute litle socks with pink on them as well. I put in a medicine dropper and nose bulb, because those things always seem to get lost. My little boy like to play with them, so I couldn't find them to use with his little sister. Amazing I remember things from that long ago...LOL.
No little girl can survive without frilly headbands. Never ever get my daughter started on her hair! She swears I gave her those beautiful hair styles to torture her. At any rate she had some pretty hair things too.
Up on the top of the photo next to the hangers...look at the white box. It is a Christmas ornament. I really love giving Christmas ornaments for new babies or newly wed couples.  I also got this beautiful "Baby's First Christmas - 2010" ornament at the pharmacy, because they also carry the Hallmark collectors' Christmas ornaments. This one is shaped like a baby rattle and made out of porcelin.

In the past I have done baskets or diaper cakes for baby showers, but this time I just put together some things I liked. I put everything in a gift bag with all that wasteful tissue paper in the top to make the gift pretty. Share your neat baby shower gift ideas by leaving a comment on this post.

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  1. Brenda does the best presents! She gave me a diaper cake when my daughter was born that I almost couldn't take it apart to use all the wonderful things! Sometimes even I can remember things from the past! At my daughter's shower, she gave a grandmother's survival basket to me and Nanny! You can bet we both used those! She always thinks of everyone!