Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blair Cabin

This cute little "pocket park" is located one block off Main Street on Custer in Weatherford, Oklahoma. The Blair Cabin was moved to this location to exhibit a piece Western Oklahoma history. To the left of the log cabin you can see the outhouse complete with moon shapes cut in the sides to look like the authentic bathrooms of yesteryear.
The landscape around the cabin contains heirloom plants and flowers. It is maintained by volunteers who are master gardeners. They added things like the wash tub and cast iron pot to the decor. Inside the cabin is old style furniture.
The side of the building next to the park was painted to add background to the prairie feel of the park. Native grasses were planted between the cabin and the painted wall to complete the illusion of being in the wild.
An old wooden wheel wagon was placed in the grassy area, to give an additional realistic touch to the park's theme. This park is directly in front of the post office so it is a highly visible feature in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

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  1. Brenda and Dennis took me to see this when I visited Weatherford. It is so cool! Take a camera!