Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat - Happy Halloween!

I just love Halloween! All the cute costumes the kids wear when they trick or treat or attend a Halloween party. In my first photo is my granddaughter. Note that she was not much taller than the door knob. I just went and measured. The knob was 49 inches high, so she was between 52 and 53 inches tall. She is now taller than I am. Whew, thinking of this makes my eyes water! OK...back to Halloween. I made the "Dorothy" jumper she is wearing. She already had a blouse to put under it. We bought a little pair of inexpensive shoes and glued red glitter all over them.  She was proud of her outfit and wore it to school and out to trick or treat. I also made her Mother a matching outfit that she wore to her job at the school. Our schools have decided to have story book day rather than Halloween. The kids are suppose to dress up as story book characters.

This next photo is one of my husband, who always dresses up for Halloween, our granddaughter is in the middle with two of the neighborhood children. The little "Tigger" costume belonged to my granddaughter when she was that size. Since it was a good quality costume I have saved it to be worn over and over. We gave the Tigger some cat features on her face with make up. The boy on the right side of the photo is wearing a black sweat suit. Since the sweat suit was old an quite worn we painted glow in the dark paint around the legs so he could be seen. We just used the Halloween makeup and painted his face and he was good to go. I do not like Halloween masks. If at all possible it is better to use face paint.

For my granddaughter's costume we went to the local thrift store and found a formal dress for a couple dollars. It was really cold that night so she had to wear her windbreaker and was not happy about that. Then we went to one of the dollar stores and picked up a cute little crown to complete her Princess costume. She loved wearing it to school and to trick or treat. She also wore it many times when she and her friends were at the house just playing dress up.

There are so many ways to dress up for Halloween, without buying one of those costumes that barely last through the one wearing. Check your thrift stores and think ahead as you shop.
This photo is "Granny's Love," my six year old grandson, his mask is a soft hood and so much better than the old plastic ones. He is not as easy to please as his sister was at that age. Doesn't he look like a real crime fighter??? He makes me laugh!

Here is Logan as Spongebob! Logan is my friend Pat's grandson. Logan was born one year after my grandson on his birthday. So both our grandson's have the same birthday. Both boys love Spongebob Squarepants. I have watched more than my share of Spongebob on TV.
And last but not least is my GREAT Granddaughter, my grandson Daniel's daughter. Ava is a little mini Daniel, because she looks just like him!
Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun.

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