Sunday, October 17, 2010

OU Makeover

The other day I was in another town and ran into Wal-Mart to pick up a tablet. On the way to the office supplies section of the store,...oh and this was NOT one of the new Super Center Stores, but bless their hearts they are building one in that town too...I walked by a couple of sale racks with OU stuff. First, my husband and I found t-shirts for $1 and a pair of flip flops with a beach towel wrapped around them for $5. I was excited because our granddaughter likes OU stuff and wears flip flops year-round. Next I turn around and see OU shower curtains for $5, so I put one in the cart. Remember I buy stuff on sale at every possible opportunity. We continued our shopping, finding a few more great buys for things we actually needed.
Lizzie Tu in the bathroom window checking out the new decor.
When we got home that afternoon I took down the frog theme shower curtain we had in the bathroom and hung up the new bright OU shower curtain. I took down the yellow bath towels I had made into curtains with the frog tie backs.  Our house is old and our bathroom is small so adding such a bright shower curtain livened it up a lot. Then I took the beach towel that was with the flip flops and turned it into a curtain for the bathroom.

Callie Ann taking her turn in the bathroom window with the new OU stuff.
First, I cut the beach towel in half lengthwise, then I measured how long I wanted the curtain to be and folded it over and stitched to make a rod pocket. Next I cut the extra length of the towel off just below the pocket on the back side of the towel. I used this part of the beach towel to make the middle part of the curtain, to hang between the other two pieces of the towel. We leave our curtains apart all the time, and just open and close the mini blinds. We have to have the space in the middle for the cats to sit when the window is open. I had never thought of doing OU decor for the bathroom, but I loved the change.

For $7.50 plus tax we now have a BRIGHT OU bathroom. I just need to find some OU rugs for the floor and maybe a couple other accessories.....BOOMER SOONER!!! 

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