Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blue Goose Onion Burgers

To most people this might appear to be just a fried onion burger...but it is NOT. This is the family BLUE GOOSE ONION BURGER. The Blue Goose burger is NOT your regular burger. There is a science to the making of the Blue Goose Onion Burger. No, I am not kidding! These burgers just taste different and they are so good.

E.S. Williams made this excellent burger, many years ago, in his Blue Goose Cafe at Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He passed the knowledge and recipe down to his sons, Johnny and Dennis. Today is Johnny's birthday (11/27) and nine days ago (11-18) was his little brother Dennis' birthday. So for a few days every year they are the same age! Happy Birthday guys!! HIGH FIVE sister-in-law Sandy...we got a couple of good cooks!!  Ok...back to the burgers...
First take 1/4 cup scoop of hamburger meat and make it into a ball with your hands.
(it is easier to use a ice cream scoop, but we only have the shovel kind)
Then put the ball of meat on the grill.
Lay some sliced onions on top of the ball.
Take a big spatula and flatten the ball, pushing the onions down into the meat pattie.
Butter both sides of the bun and put the buttered side down on the grill. you are beginning to get the "smell" of the Blue Goose Onion Burgers wafting through the kitchen. There is something about the smell of a toasting hamburger bun that takes us back to our childhood days. You need to use the small size hamburger buns for these burgers.
Flip your hamburger patties over and make sure they are cooked all the way through. None of that medium rare crap they talk about on TV....hamburgers should be cooked!
While the burgers are cooking and the buns are toasting. Get out the dill pickle slices. Every Blue Goose Onion Burger has 3 dill pickle slices.....NOT 2 NOT 4, but exactly 3! And a circle squirt of mustard. Lay the pickle slices on a paper towel to dry the excess juice off the pickles.
Now assemble your burger and enjoy!!! My husband had not made burgers like this in years. After doing these I am sure I will get to have them more often. Using the smaller buns and less meat probably makes them healthier for us too. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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