Monday, November 1, 2010

Pine Cone Turkey

This is a easy project for the kids. The turkey can also be used as place card holder at your November parties or just several of them lined up in the middle of the table for small decorations. 


First lay the pine cone down to see how it will be on its side. This is how you decide where to place the head, legs and tail feathers. To make the head I doubled the pipe cleaner, made a small circle to form the head, with the end poked out to make the  beak. Took the other ends and wrapped around the pine cone to keep the head on.
Next I took two pipe cleaners and twisted together. You can see the ends make the "feet". Then I placed the pipe cleaners in the back of the turkey an bent them so he looks like he is sitting down. Next I glued feathers inside the bottom of the pine cone to make the turkey tail.

You can use any color pipe cleaners and feathers you like. I love orange and yellow so that is what I picked out of the craft drawer.

Make a comment and share your easy craft projects to be used in November.

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