Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The lost art of embroidery seems to be slipping away from the current generation. It is sad that we do not take the time to teach our children or grandchildren how to do the embroidery stitches. No one has the time or will take the time to do it! I can't recall who taught me how to embroider, because my mother did it and still does, my grandmother's both did it and so did my aunts. I remember having some beautiful embroidery stitches on my childhood clothing. I also remember tablecloths, quilt squares, pillow cases, dresser scarfs, pot holders and tea towels made out of flour sacks, with some very elaborate patterns brought to life with the embroidery threads.
My Aunt Robbie made these beautiful tea towels and embroidered love in every stitch for me!

I don't even know if you can buy embroidery patterns anymore? The last few things I have embroidered, I just drew the pattern on free handed. I stitched my granddaughter's name on one side of a pillow case and an angel on the other side. Pretty simple pattern. The old style embroidery patterns were laid on the fabric and pressed with a warm iron to make the transfer to the fabric. Iron? Mmmm I wonder where my iron happens to be?? That is another thing we do not use as much as we did a few years ago!

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