Thursday, November 18, 2010

Otis elevator in Ardmore, OK

The original Whittington Hotel, a wooden structure, opened at the corner of Main and Caddo streets.  Wiley F. Whittington, a former Confederate Army captain, came to Ardmore from Dexter, Texas.  Following the Great Fire of 1895, a 72-room brick and sandstone hotel was built on the same site.  A second reconstruction was needed after the rail yard explosion in 1915.  The Whittington featured the first metal cage Otis elevator in Ardmore.  After Wiley’s death, his daughter Jewel operated the hotel until it closed in 1965.  The building was razed for the bricks and fixtures.
My husband, who has the middle name Wiley, in the first elevator from the Whittington Hotel.
Ardmore, Oklahoma is where my husband was born 62 years ago today!
Note the wheels on the outside operated the elevator with a pulley system invented by Otis.
This wheel on the inside of the elevator was operated by a person to make the elevator go up and down. The little black box below the wheel says emergency button.

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