Monday, February 28, 2011

Replacement Car

Last May we were lucky enough to find a 1st car for our sixteen year old Granddaughter, to get her to school and to work. It was a white Pontiac Grand Am and she loved it! On January 31st she was broadsided, on the driver's side of her beloved Grand Am, and it totaled the car. For 26 days she was without a car and had to drive her Mom's suv or my van....not cool for a sixteen year old! For 26 days we have had to listen to her whine about the guy running a stop sign and hitting her car so hard it spun and ended up in the opposite direction from which she was going.

Granddaughter and her brother "Granny's Love" in her 2nd car in less than a year!

Finally we got the reimbursement for her car and even though we had been looking for 26 days, it is hard to buy anything when you are waiting on the money to arrive. We had not found anything anyway. Her Aunt Kennda came and got her on Friday night and took her to OKC to look for cars.
Her Poppy and I started from Western Oklahoma hitting every car lot on the way to OKC on Saturday. OH MY ACHING HEAD. Used cars are way over priced! Seems that lots of folks had got their tax refund and wiped out the used car lots. We stopped at Smart Choice Auto Credit at 1100 West Main in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Curtis Ray the owner had been on the Rodeo Team at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford! Small world. He had one tan Pontiac Grand Am and was such a nice young man. He stayed open an extra hour and a half to let her test drive the car and do the paperwork. He is in the business of financing autos, but he was ok with us paying cash.

Granny's Love and our only Granddaughter "on the road again."

This car is tan the paper work says tan and depending on how I take the photos it changes from tan to gold. Granny's Love and I decided it is two colors depending on if it is day or night. LOL
Thanks to the car search committee for hitting every car lot in Oklahoma City and Norman and from Sayre to Yukon. For the hours spent over newspaper classified ads and on the computer. Searching for an affordable used car is absolute torture. The only thanks was a Wendy's burger after we finally found the car! YUKON, OKLAHOMA


  1. You are making me hungry for Wendy's!

  2. It was a very event filled day. Smoking steering wheels and lots of other interesting things, but it all ended well with the pretty new gold car!