Friday, April 1, 2011

Toad in a Hole

My husband loves to eat TOAD IN A HOLE...grilled toast and eggs. First he uses a biscuit cutter and cuts out the center of a piece of bread. He puts the bread with the hole in the middle on a medium hot grill. Then he puts a dab of butter in the center of the hole and allows it to melt. This will toast the bread and cook the egg.
Next he butters the hole piece he cut out of the bread and places it on the grill to toast.
Then he cracks an egg into the center of the hole cut out of the bread. Add a little salt and pepper to taste if desired.
When the egg white starts to cook flip the bread and egg over to cook the other side.
This is what his TOAD IN A HOLE looks like when it is done.

This is a wonderful thing to cook anytime and is especially good to cook when you are camping.  Kids love these because they think it is neat to have the egg in the middle of a piece of toast. The cut out can also be pressed out in other cookie cutter shapes when making TOAD IN A HOLE for children. Scrambled eggs can be used in the middle of the TOAD IN A HOLE if carefully poured.

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  1. The first time I ever made this for Blondie was when he was sick and he was SO impressed. It's one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast.