Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hershey's Chocolate

Milton Hershey – HERSHEY’S candy brand – established Milton Hershey School (MHS) in 1909 and began a legacy of giving opportunity to generations of poor children. He was inspired to create the Milton Hershey School by his painful memories of a difficult childhood and from only having a fourth grade education.

For over a century, you’ve helped MILTON HERSHEY SCHOOL build its legacy as a transforming home for thousands of boys and girls needing to escape extreme poverty; and for some, homelessness, abuse, neglect and high-crime neighborhoods.

Every time you’ve enjoyed HERSHEY’S chocolate, you’ve given the opportunity of a first rate education and nurturing environment to the students attending MHS.

According to information about MHS, alumni reportedly devoted as much as 457,000 hours of volunteer time per year, up to $10 million annual contributions to charity and created as many as 154,000 jobs. This was all made possible through your support of Milton Hershey School and their successful alumni. honest....have you ever known anyone to actually SEARCH for a reason to eat HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE? I found it! A great philanthropic project EAT MORE HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE!

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